This is a rather improvised/hacky/crude modification of a commercial pizza oven (in this case, Ferrari Delizia - look for them on eBay) to bake better pizza, simulating the conditions that are in a proper firewood oven.

The changes to the original design are:

- Higher heating power (2 kW bottom + 1200W top) compared to the original 600+600W design. This allows for quick warm-up (10 mins from completely cold to ready-to-use).

- Higher operating temperature (up to 450 Celsius). Many mechanical elements of the Ferrari oven have been replaced with metal/FR4 counterparts to withstand the increased temperatures.

- Thermocouple sensor followed by a PID controller for the bottom heater to keep the baking temperature stable without using heavy ceramics/metal plates as heat accumulators.

- Variable power top heater, so that your topping is never too raw or overburnt :-)