The Orb

The new Alexa... meet the Orb

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The Orb is an environmentally conscious display. Using a Particle Photon as its brain and several peripheral sensors the orb is able to determine various bits of information both locally and through the Internet and display it using its 3 rings of WS2812B LEDs.

The Orb hardware consists of the following devices: Particle Photon, DHT22 sensor, photodiode, MAX9814 microphone amplifier, and 20 WS2812B LEDs.

The Orb is constructed using 1/16th inch brass rods and 2 small pieces of walnut wood as the base. The Orb stands 8”x2.5”x3.5” and is powered off the Photons micro USB 5V.

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Mike Szczys wrote 12/26/2018 at 17:13 point

Looks neat! You should write a bit more about how the sensor data is visualized on the Orb.

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