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DIY oven for baking larger PCB boards

miroslav-zuzelkaMiroslav Zuzelka 12/24/2018 at 14:410 Comments

In my previous build of reflow oven, I used very simple controller based on Atmega328. Here is picture of my board, which I designed for this purpose. 

Board was based on schematic of Reflow Oven Controller Shield (Arduino Compatible), but I wanted it like complete  board so I implemented MCU on it. It was not perfect, but it worked. On top of this board  was 16x2 LCD (JP1) and board from Adafruit with thermocoupler (MAX31855) was plugged to the SV2 header. SSR was hidden on side of the oven. Usaga was very easy, one button controlled start or stop of the heating profile. This was years back, when I just start playing with Arduino.  

This oven controller is based on very popular ESP32 controller and I build it to have this Basic features:

In future I would like to also have Advanced features such as:

  When I was waiting for arrival of my oven, I designed this board in Autodek Eagle. 

I used ESP32 WROVER chip, as I also use them in other projects. Well known CH340G is used for programming & UART communication. For temperature reading I used MAX31856 because it can read multiple types of thermocoupler´s. TFT has ILI9341 driver.  

Board are in production, so I can look at what´s inside of oven :).