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DIY oven for baking larger PCB boards

miroslav-zuzelkaMiroslav Zuzelka 11/26/2019 at 18:540 Comments

When I was thinking about new FW for my board and how people will or should work with it I realised that would not be bad has 2 more buttons (Menu and Back button) so I made new board revision. 

Actually, I made 3 designs: 

1) Design with CH340G UART chip (easy to solder), JST connectors

2) Design with CP2104 UART chip (easier to buy),  JST connectors

3) Design with CP2104 UART chip, screw terminals (easier to connect peripherals) 

From experience which I gain when I assembled previous boards (rev. B) I realized  that micro USB connector is not strong enough and sometimes get loose, so I bought new USB-C connectors and all my new boards will have these. They are much more better. 

Changes from rev. B -> rev.C :

- micro USB -> USB-C

- added Reset button (sometimes handy)

- added circuit to drive 5V fan to cool oven more quickly (I copy it from Reflow Master)

Sadly I did not know about error (see update from previous log) from rev. B so now I have about 15 of each these boards. I already made changes to my design so next batch of boards will be fixed. 

I also designed case so controller can be used outside of the oven. It can work in vertical (original) or horizontal mode. I spend few last weeks with development of newer version fo FW and here is small demo of it. This is still work in progress. 

How you can see, there is still a lot of work and I´m now focusing on reflow profiles. I hope you like my progress.