• Phase 3

    eltongp03/21/2019 at 10:21 0 comments

    I have finished the 4 boards and assembled the panel with the four boards.

    Have a look at the new pictures.

  • ESP32 4 universes

    eltongp01/15/2019 at 09:43 0 comments

    After receiving some help with the code and a new version of Artnet from Yves BAZIN (His work can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4viy1FxyLiY&feature=em-comments and https://hackaday.io/project/158268-5904-leds-panel) I finally managed to have it working. For 600 LEDS I have used 4 DMX universes with 150 LEDS on each DMX universe. No more delays on 3rd and 4th universes. I will post the code later on. I have inserted a picture of the prototype panel in EVA. 

  • ESP32 WiFi

    eltongp01/11/2019 at 14:49 0 comments

    I have managed to have the panel working with ESP32 on a WiFi configuration. I am using two DMX universes. I am still using Jinx because it has a simpler user interface to work with.

    I have bought a couple of 5-meter WS2812b LED stripes (60 LEDs per meter). It will give me a 50cm x 30cm panel with 600 LEDs (30 x 20). For 600 LEDs, I will have to use four DMX universes. As soon as I have it assembled, I will post some pictures. On this one, the LEDs stripes will be placed on the back of a frame with squared holes, so the only thing we will see are the LEDs. The strip will not be visible. For testing proposes I will use a black EVA frame. Same sort of metal or wood (with waterproof treatment) will make the final version, but in order to do that, I will need some support from my local FABLAB.

    The idea is to have four of these panels as a starting point (1 m x 0,6 m). If the resolution of this panel is acceptable, then I will keep growing its size up to the point of a 3 m x 2m panel.

    Once I have the 1m x 60 cm LED panel working fine, I will post all the information regarding the material used, code and software configuration.

  • Phase 2

    eltongp12/26/2018 at 19:41 0 comments

    Phase 2: I have managed to have the ESP32 and the Jinx working fine on a 10x10 panel. I am using a 10x10 panel because I have noticed that when I configure the ArtNet output device on Jinx, it locks in 512 channels. That was expected, because one DMX universe has 512 channels. My 10x20 panel has 200 LEDs which means 600 channels. I will work on the universes to see if I can have my 10x20 panel fully working too with ESP32 and Jinx.

    Once I have it working, I will try to use the Resolume Arena with my ESP32.