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A project log for Low cost LED Panel

The aim of this project is to have a low cost led panel assembled

eltongpeltongp 01/11/2019 at 14:490 Comments

I have managed to have the panel working with ESP32 on a WiFi configuration. I am using two DMX universes. I am still using Jinx because it has a simpler user interface to work with.

I have bought a couple of 5-meter WS2812b LED stripes (60 LEDs per meter). It will give me a 50cm x 30cm panel with 600 LEDs (30 x 20). For 600 LEDs, I will have to use four DMX universes. As soon as I have it assembled, I will post some pictures. On this one, the LEDs stripes will be placed on the back of a frame with squared holes, so the only thing we will see are the LEDs. The strip will not be visible. For testing proposes I will use a black EVA frame. Same sort of metal or wood (with waterproof treatment) will make the final version, but in order to do that, I will need some support from my local FABLAB.

The idea is to have four of these panels as a starting point (1 m x 0,6 m). If the resolution of this panel is acceptable, then I will keep growing its size up to the point of a 3 m x 2m panel.

Once I have the 1m x 60 cm LED panel working fine, I will post all the information regarding the material used, code and software configuration.