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For computer vision learners, drone and robot builders, AR/VR and 360 panorama experimenters. Open source hardware.

eugeneEugene 12/19/2019 at 16:030 Comments

We've developed this accessories kit for the very quick case prototyping. You can assemble your setup in 10 minutes! 

5 mounting plates for your cameras and your StereoPi

You can do a stereoscopic setup with 25 mm, 65 mm, 120 mm or 200 mm stereobase. Also 360 degree photo/video setup is available!

M2 nylon spacers kit

With this M2 kit and a screwdriver you can assemble your setup for just 10 minutes! JFYI, both StereoPi and Raspberry Pi cameras have M2 mounting holes!

3 types of Raspberry Pi camera ribbons included

Sometimes you need to bend a camera ribbons for your custom setup. Don't limit yourself with a fear to damage your ribbon. We've added 12 camera ribbons:

With the AnyCase kit your StereoPi quick start will be really quick!

You can find more details on Tindie or on our site.