How to Synchronize Multiple StereoPi?

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eugeneEugene 10/12/2020 at 20:110 Comments

👉 WHY?
You may ask, "Why do I need to use multiple StereoPi at once?"
Well, we got a set of requests from some customers who needed to take a lot of images at once. One of the most popular use cases is the creation of animated "3D" GIFs. These images are created using a set of images (usually 4). In our article we are describing all processes, starting from capturing files and up to creating MP4 video files. So you can post it as a video, or use a video->gif converter to get an animated image.

The second popular use case is a 3D reconstruction, using a set of cameras. For example, through the use of Multi-View 3D Digital Image Correlation (Multi-DIC), a technique recently published by Dr Dana Solav and Dr Kevin Moerman.

👉 HOW?
If you are interested in this synchronization approach, you can find our detailed how-to guide here on our blog.