Grbl 0.7d

A project log for GUI Programming for a Console Hacker

After 30 years of procedural language programming (i.e. console programming), time to look at event driven programming.

agpcooperagp.cooper 01/07/2019 at 13:570 Comments

Grbl 0.7d

My old laser plotter uses D12 for the laser control while Grbl 0.8 and higher use D11.

D11 makes sense as it has PWM, but unless I hack the Controller hardware I have to stay with Grbl 0.7d.

The old Laser plotter was never built to last. All the Perspex has cracked and broken (must be very cheap Perspex) and the ribbon cable glue has let go.

Anyway I set the defaults for my laser plotter and yes it works. But recovery from an error or a state I had not thought of, needs a look at as the flags are not always properly set.

The other problem is checking if the image will fit inside the plotting limits and setting plotting defaults. A popup configuration window may be helpful.


Watching Grbl 0.7d burn its way through the code it is clear why my laser plotter was not used much and why I wrote the gCode Filter. Still it struggles to burn evenly even after filtering.

Grbl 1.1f has made an effort to resolve this so it may be best to retire my old laser plotter and get a new one. Or at least rebuild the old one.