Final Version?

A project log for GUI Programming for a Console Hacker

After 30 years of procedural language programming (i.e. console programming), time to look at event driven programming.

agpcooperagp.cooper 01/28/2019 at 12:200 Comments

Final Version, Perhaps!

Spent the day reworking the interface (adding SCARA hardware support).

Added the option for right or left handed (default) elbows.

Here is the test input file:

An here is the SCARA output:

Notice how the image is trimmed to the maximum SCARA  reach.


Bought a 500mw laser head, power supply and a new controller.

So I can start thinking about a prototype SCARA machine.


Termux is an Android app that run Linux. It runs without access to the root directory of the device (this make things a bit tricky). Initially it is just a terminal but X11 can be installed. With a vnc server and viewer, graphical programs can be run. Add CLANG which pretends to be GCC), programs and library can be compiled and run. Yes, you guessed it, I compiled xForms to run under Termux on my tablet. It works but without a real mouse or real keyboard it is rather clumsy.


IUP (supports X11) is another small C GUI library that is better suited to Android. Like a web-page, it moves around the buttons etc, to suit the device.


Another small X11 C GUI, I looked at.


Initially I looked at this one before finding xForms. But without documentation it looked too hard to start with. Looking back it looks like a nice one to use with CLANG. It has no dependencies and is contained in a single header file.

As an added bonus it works in "immediate mode", that is there is no event loop, just post your form as required.