LTM telemetry and test using SITL

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3D printed antenna tracker on STM32

Ivannikov KirillIvannikov Kirill 12/31/2018 at 13:590 Comments

I've done LTM telemetry.

Used SITL to emulator quadcopter.

I managed vehicle using APL Planner 2.0

And also I written simple converter that just listen MavLink v1 messages from simulator converts its to LTM and send it to serial port.

Check video:

Need to improve follow algorithm (now it works like I have only 360 maximum movement limit.)

Also I thinking about to do interpolation and movement prediction algorithm.

I have some problems with parallel smooth moving pan and tilt. Because I have only one core I can't do this job in parallel. I can do it only in concurrency mode, but since I have very small timeouts while stepper moves (sometimes < 1ms) I can't efficient switch to another task (because context switch will require significant amount of ticks ). It makes CPU usage about 100% at fast movings. If I will have separate cores for movement and trajectory processing I can do pan and tilt in parallel.

Very basic version almost done. I need to do settings tuning from CLI and It ready to testflight.

Because in Russia right now not good wheather to flight I think I will do more improvements in this project.