Mini pumps arrived!

A project log for AGI-ESP8266

WiFi accessible IoT plant monitoring system

hominidaehominidae 07/05/2017 at 21:480 Comments

Okay, so I received the 10x Mini submersible 3-6VDC pumps that I ordered earlier this month.

I have also confirmed they work with 3.3VDC.

I am still waiting on the soil moisture sensors I have ordered, and when they arrive I will begin working
on integrating them all into a single system.

This brings me to another issue. We need more power.

There are several solutions available. The first being a small solar panel/cell. However, the issue with that approach is that it involves taking up additional real estate on the window sill, which I am hoping will be primarily taken up with leafy greens.

I think that a more elegant solution would involve mounting a small wireless power transmitter to a small wind turbine and having it transmit power through a glass window using a wireless charging coil. The entire setup could then be mounted to the interior and exterior window using neodymium magnets and soft pads.

The advantages of such a setup would be that no major holes need to be drilled compromising the integrity of exterior insulation and violating possible tenant rental agreements in place.

I am looking forward to setting this up. The system overall would resemble a complete window sill growing solution, with data points available for anything affecting plant growth and the possible means of adjusting those variables to increase growth and potential crop yields.