Electronics bay almost ready

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By means of motor vectoring

Domus AmorisDomus Amoris 08/07/2019 at 21:360 Comments

The electronics bay is almost ready. Still pending:
- Replace the cables powering the servos DC-DC with a thinner cable.
- Install the commercial altimeter for the parachute release.

Pending for the rest of the project:

- Design and install the support for the rail guides.
- Install motor mounting tube in the gimbal.
- Glue the bearing to the gimbal
- Design and install parachute attachment to the upper section.
- Design and install some kind of protection for the electronic bay switches to avoid any problem with the parachute chord.
- Install cabling tubes from the electronics bay to the gimbal. - Paint the rocket.
- Measure the inertia of the complete rocket with the bifiliar technique.
- Compute the aerodynamic coefficients.
- Introduce them in the MATLAB and calibrate the controller.

Finally, I have date for the launch, 7/8 September 2019, in the Spain Rocketry Meeting.