Simplify robots' conception

We want to Simplify robots' conception for futur generations.

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In September, ECEBORG, ECE Engineering School's Robotics and Electronics Association, offer us to do the little robot which will participate in the “Coupe de France de Robotique”, a robot competition.
Of course, we accept the mission. But very quickly we had a problem, that we still have. All the components we use don’t have any documentation neither with old ECEBORG’s teams nor on the Internet.
We don’t think it is normal to have this kinds of problems and we want to solve it.

So, how can we simplify robots' conception for future generations, by making our own robot?
We find a solution, thank’s to the work that we will do on our robot, we will find documents and learn a lot. So the idea is to put on a GitHub and a Hackaday all we do, we will share our code, documents, and advice to help future generations.

We are a 6 members team :
Labat Hippolyte
Brionne Mathis
Montazeaud Benoit
Loizeau Adrien
Badaoui Carl
Bastide Tho

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