Software for Simulation and Hardware Control

A project log for TipTap

A 3d-printed bipedal robot. A desktop option for semi-direct drive walking research.

Darren V LevineDarren V Levine 02/22/2020 at 01:270 Comments

Software is here!

I've updated my github with all the details:

A single python library is provided to interface to both Simulation and Hardware.

Its provides identical function calls on either target, so that you can develop your control algorithms in simulation, and then run the identical script on hardware without any extra work to port your code from simulation to hardware.

To get started, run, and read:

If you aren't running on the TipTap hardware, it will automatically detect that, and start a simple pybullet simulation:

Feel free to try making the robot walk!

if you don't have access to hardware, but want to see if it'll work on the actual TipTap robot, just contact me and I'll run it on mine, and send you a video of the results.

Best Regards,