Synchro Transmitter/Receiver Test Set

An avionics synchro transmitter / receiver, including an in-built reference oscillator capable of providing a 400Hz 26V RMS (74Vpp) output.

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This project comprises a synchro transmitter / receiver and includes an in-built reference oscillator capable of providing a 26V RMS (74Vpp) 400Hz excitation signal. The transmitter and receiver are completely separate circuits and may be operated independently or simultaneously. The internal reference may be disabled and an external signal applied if required.


- 14 bit ADC with 4 channels simultaneously sampled at 250ksps
- Analog front end allows +/- 48V input (supports 26VAC RMS synchros)
- FPGA uses Scott-T transform for calculating synchro and resolver angles
- Multiplexed 4 digit, 7 segment display wth 0.1 degree resolution


- COTS mechanical synchro, P/N: TGH-11-H-5/B329
- Infinitely variable angle
- Rotor: 1 Phase, 26V, 400Hz
- Stator: 3 Phase, 11.8V


- Op-amp phase-shift oscillator tuned for 400Hz (shared at OSH Park)
- TDA8932 35W audio amplifier provides buffering and high current output

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Steven Merrifield wrote 01/03/2019 at 21:50 point

Higher frequency transformers are smaller and lighter.

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Dan Maloney wrote 01/03/2019 at 16:11 point

Hey, this is quite interesting. I've never understood why aviation electrical systems were so weird. What's with that high-frequency AC? There must be an engineering reason for it. Just curious.

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