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A 2 DOF hexapod

ActualDragonActualDragon 04/30/2018 at 15:240 Comments

So, it still hasn't been working. I'm not sure if I put this in the last log, but i'm ordering a new mega clone for a few reasons:

1 - The problem is consistent with both shields, so that's not it

2 - Having a few Megas around is never a bad thing. Especially if they're only like $10

That being said, i posted my error code in the arduino forum, here:;topicseen. That guy seemed to think it was a faulty download of the arduino ide, which would make sense because i can't upload to anything. This, however, is a problem. My mac is a 2009, so it's almost gone, and pretty much the only thing i can use. I'll have to get down to the makerspace one of these tuesdays. 

After I saw noodlefeet (, #NoodleFeet's Gripping Toes) I realized that one of the biggest pains in my ass was just that - a pain in my ass. So I decided to upgrade it and make the hatred go both ways. I added googly eyes and am going to give it a voice. With the DFplayer (around a buck on ebay) and some sound clips featuring bender, i'll have it play a random clip at random intervals. Still haven't decided what a "non annoying interval" would be. 

- "Kill all humans!"

- "Bite my shiny metal ass"

- "Nothing a Lawsuit won't cure"

- "Hello Peasants"

- "Bodies are for Hookers and Fat people"

- "Lets go get drunk!"