In Quantum Physics the spin orbit  of the Electrons to the Electromagnetic interaction of the Electrons is called the (( SPIN-ORBIT INTERACTION OR QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT )) and Reinforces Thermodynamics in the ( SAMSON ) ELECTRON BATTERY ACCELERATOR this is a (( DC/AC/DC )) conversion system, details are as follows / The input is a rechargeable battery and is recharged 90% of the time in the circuit producing the high Voltage AC and this battery is a (( AA 1.2vdc @ 1400mAH = 1.6w hrs. )) of input watts / output watts is 5.2w hrs. / The energy required from this battery has been reduced allowing the Quantum entanglement Oscillation to do most of the work over time reducing it`s input from the output when induced in the 400VAC high voltage-High Frequency system raising the DC TO AC is paramount to the integrity and necessary for Thermodynamics as a rule of law, (( there will be some or maybe all scientist who say this appears to be more of an  improper collusion for illegal or deceitful purpose )) Not So , and not pseudo science , and Doubting this will not make it untrue or go away , your unbelief will be because your understanding of what thermodynamics means in truth will be your misinterpretation of the work over time physics of thermodynamics ! SO ! Raising the isolated DC to a very high 400vac will be much higher than the lowered 5vdc output and will satisfy the law of Thermodynamics , this is a TRI-3 system of Quantum entanglement allowing for diverse energy levels of a whole to be divided and still satisfy the system as a whole of the spin orbit interaction and Quantum entanglement making input on the divided whole less than the major output energy levels of this system as one , and the actual input becomes 400vac to 5vdc and obeys the laws of thermodynamics requiring a higher input than an output  the catalyst of induction to start this system remains less from the rest of the system and  is the AA rechargeable 1.2vdc @ 1400mAH = 1.6w hrs. and is recharged as it is being discharged 90% of it`s running time and is completely lowered in it`s energy as a major input from the rest of the system  now as a combined unit of 3 systems the output becomes higher than the input as a whole , but energy levels as a whole are not the same to allow thermodynamics law to be satisfied  , it is the way Thermodynamics works, and mass is changed to energy as it has always been done in our everyday lives but not as efficient as using TRI-3 systems so the output becomes higher than the input with TRI-3 systems or ( SAMSON ) ELECTRON BATTERY ACCELERATOR