Pretty L-R active crossover

A five channel Linkwitz-Riley active crossover for a multi-amp sound system that's also pretty!

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Here's a five-channel Linkwitz-Riley active crossover designed to drive two high channels, two midrange channels, and one subwoofer. Usually audio circuits use high quality film capacitors that are bulky, but this uses SMD capacitors, mostly for the small size but also because they're much cheaper.One of the design goals of any analog audio circuit is a "star ground", which reduces any possible cross-talk between different parts of the circuit due to the impedance of various circuit traces. This round circuit lets me put all ground leads directly to the "axle" point, taking the star ground concept to the extreme!There's a lot of repetition in a circuit like this, so it lends itself nicely to sculptural assembly.Unfortunately, I build this with the crossover point to the subwoofer at 150Hz, about twice as high as it should be, so I've never used this circuit in an amplifier
  • 8 × NE5532 low-noise audio op amp... maybe nine?

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Juanito Moore wrote 01/11/2019 at 21:54 point

I chose the cutoff by looking at the specifications of the speaker drivers I'm using in the whole project. I foolishly thought a higher cutoff for the sub would mean "MORE BASS" but it doesn't, it just means the subwoofer is trying to play higher notes.

I haven't ever built a balanced line driver or receiver, but it's not too complex to work out. Rod Elliott's site has schematics for that, but I've never needed to use long wires for any audio projects.

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Arnaldo Pirrone wrote 01/11/2019 at 12:06 point

Hi, this is an interesting project. How do you choose the cutoff frequency? Could it also be fitted with balanced inputs?

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