Making the case

A project log for Skeleton Watch

Freeform electronic circuit sculpture

mileMile 01/07/2019 at 00:450 Comments

I started this project by first making the functional circuit. Brain of this watch is ATMEGA328P-AU microcontroller running arduino. Information is displayed on 128x64 0.96" OLED screen. Three button are used to control the watch functions and female pin header is used to program the watch via UART(and to charge the battery). I used only basic stuff since circuit will be suspended in the air.

To make thing easier i designed and printed template of the circuit so I could easier route the wires. MCU is in QFP-32 package with 0.8mm pitch. Wires used for traces are 0.3mm and passive components are in 0603 package.

Watch body is made out of 1.7 and 0.8mm thick copper wire. For bending, same template was used in addition with 3D printed plastic ring. Rotary tool was used to grind excess solder from joints.

After assembly body was sanded using 180, 240 and 240 grit abrasive discs then finished up with brass brush and polished using polishing compound.

For case cover I will be using old power led lens(bought on eBay, never used). It will act as a sort of magnifier for OLED screen and will add cool distortion effect.

Since project is made with recycled parts, I need to restore this used battery that will be used to power the watch. Battery is lithium-polymer with 110mAh capacity. Should be enough for 6-7 hours of active time, or 30-35 days in sleep with moderate use of OLED and other watch functions.