Finishing mechanical construction

A project log for Skeleton Watch

Freeform electronic circuit sculpture

mileMile 01/07/2019 at 23:440 Comments

Next step for this build was to install electronics into wired frame. OLED module was glued to the frame using double sided tape(wrapper around wired frame). Switches and header connector were glue using two component epoxy while MCU was fixed with dab of hot plastic on the bottom. 

After all electronics were installed and tested I installed the glass lens. Lens just snaps into place with no glue used. This makes it easy to remove the lens to get access to electronics. 22mm NATO strap with navy camo pattern(to match the colour of OLED) is used.

I really like how the watch turned out. OLED looks super bright and sharp while magnifier lens gives it that unique distorted look. Only thing I would like to change is to show bigger part of the circuit through the lens(to adjust layout of components).

Here is video demonstrating finished watch (well, almost still need to tweak software). Hope you like it: