relay-based computational hardware

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My ultimate goal is to build a relay-based version of my SANX-I microcomputer:

SPST switch: digital model & component for simulation.

SPDT relay: digital model & component for simulation.

SPDT relay: digital model 2 & component for simulation.

1-bit gates.


Full adder/subtractor.

Phase #1: design & simulation.

N-bit comparator.

Phase #1: design & simulation.

T flip-flop.

Phase #1: design & simulation.

Asynchronous (ripple) binary counter.

Phase #1: design & simulation.

1-bit register connected to a bus.

When WRITE changes from 1 to 0, the value on the bus is stored in the register. When READ is 1, the value stored in the register is transferred along the bus.

Phase #1: design & simulation.

1-bit memory: MEM[X,Y].

Phase #1: design & simulation.

ROM (16x1, 256x1 & 32x8).

Phase #1: design & simulation.

1-bit ALU (basic).

Phase #1: design & simulation.

N-bit ALU (basic + comparator + shifter).

Phase #1: design & simulation.

  • SPDT solely

    Javier Piay (PROPHYCOM)01/10/2019 at 11:08 0 comments

    I'm aware of other great relay computing designs using multi-pole relays and/or other components like resistors, capacitors and diodes. I will try to use SPDT relays solely and avoid race/hazard conditions. I use pull-down resistors for simulation purposes and to couple relays with electronics, but these resistors are not part of the logic circuit. 

    Let's see how far I can go...

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Javier Piay (PROPHYCOM) wrote 01/12/2019 at 22:02 point

What about the computer architecture?

Well, that's the easy part ;)


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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 01/12/2019 at 21:17 point

For the ALU, have a look at   #Simple Relay ALU  :-)

it uses diodes but it's pretty smart !

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Javier Piay (PROPHYCOM) wrote 01/12/2019 at 21:43 point

I'm already aware... Thanks!

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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 01/10/2019 at 04:23 point

That first relay ripple counter looks... complicated :-P
This one has only 2 relays per stage :

The relevant log is there :

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Sophi Kravitz wrote 01/10/2019 at 03:53 point

Like! More please 😀

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