Two Wheeled Hand Bike

A recumbent bike propelled by hands.

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A recumbent bike propelled by hands.

This project is my approach to a bicycle concept, a two wheeled handbike. The handbike was designed originally for people with mobility constraints and disabled, so it has 3 wheels, because the users can not get equilibrium. The design proposed in this project, is a bicycle propelled by hands power, to exercise arms muscles, but with the good feeling of to tilt the body to make turns, justifying the decision of I choose two wheels.

To execute the project, it was reused several bicycle parts spreads around my house, like two frames, size 19, a front suspension, 20" wheels shared from another bike, and many other things that I found, and I neither knew I had. I still build the prototype, and sending the progress to Hackaday IO, when the experimental phase be finished, I will paint the whole bike, it going to be pretty.

More details can be found in my blog, at this link:, I write much more there, but it is only in portuguese, if you are here, you already are a hacker, and to use Google Translate is a easy  task for you.

  • 2 × steel bike frames
  • 2 × 26" wheels
  • 1 × 16T freewheel
  • 1 × 24T chainring
  • 1 × square axis crankset

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Florian Festi wrote 01/17/2019 at 21:29 point

How well does it work?

I am wondering if the weight distribution and high centre of gravity will work well with the front wheel drive. Especially when going up hill. I would probably try to move the seat as close to the steering tube as possible and add a foot rest in front of the wheel.

Also the force from the chain will compress the front suspension which will swallow a lot of the power. May be remove the springs from the fork and lock it in place.

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Jhonatan Brandel wrote 01/31/2020 at 16:38 point

Hello Florian,
It works well, I finished this project only this year (2020), in 2019 I was too busy. The front suspension is compressed when apply force on crank, but I did use this fork because I did not have a rigid fork, so I put a screw to lock this cheap suspension.

I  needed some experiments to achieve better stability, the gravity center is OK and steering is easy too. I will post some updates soon.


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