The MAKIT-THT uses the Atmega328p, the same as the Arduino Uno, and the MCP2221A USB to UART IC for the USB interface between the board and your PC. The MAKIT-THT includes both a 3.3V and 5V linear regulator capable of 300mA and 1A outputs respectively. The pinout of the board is identical to the Arduino Uno down to the ICSP header location on the board. A red LED is connected to pin 13 on the board for the famous BLINK sketch. All MAKIT-THTs come with the Atmega328p pre-programmed with the Optiboot bootloader.

Note: the MCP2221A does not handle the reset during a sketch upload like a typical Uno, instead you must press the reset button on the MAKIT-THT to reset the board to upload sketches.