ARP Odyssey Badge

Alan Robert Pearlman Inventor of the ARP Odyssey and other synthesizers recently passed away, this badge is for him

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Alan Robert Pearlman created the legendary ARP Odyssey Synthesizer, read more about him and the synths here:

The badge will be simple but complex. The badge will be shaped like an ARP Odyssey complete with graphics and everything. Faders will be represented with rows of LEDs, same color scheme as the white Korg remake of the Arp Odyssey. The PCB will be white. The LEDs will be reverse mounted to give that diffused look, all components will be on the opposite side of the PCB so the graphics can be the main focus. The keyboard part of the graphics will be capacitive touch and trigger sound when hit. Most improtantly the ARP Odyssey Synth will be modeled in software on an ARM Cortex M7 wired up to

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