Data Jukebox to 3d Printer Conversion

Mission: convert Reflection Systems Optical Data Jukebox into 3d printery type deal.

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Got this interesting device from work, built solid in 92'. It was used for quite some time as a 1 time write NFS backup. I was going to build a CNC but as teardown progressed it became apparent that this device was destined to be a smaller device like a printer.

I've got no experience with 3d printers but after finding this gem I decided its time to learn. Follow me on my journey as I breathe life back into this 90s era Japanese beast.

  • Exploring the Control Board and Z-axis

    Ansen Labardee01/13/2019 at 20:56 0 comments

    Started tracing wires, good news looks like I might be able to use the motor controllers and power supplies. there are 8 digital inputs on the motor boards, closer inspection hints that these might be step and direction pins for each motor! 

    Can I,... Should I, even try to use the driver board (controller board, server) or is it proprietary?? only reasearch will tell... maybe a search through napalm (open ftp indexer) will yeild a manual?

    Maybe its time to start thinking about the Z-Axis, the question seems to be, move the bed or the extruder and or tool head?

  • Teardown....

    Ansen Labardee01/13/2019 at 16:06 0 comments

    Looks Like I've gotten myself into a mess...... Fortunately after teardown and removal of non essential parts it looks like this might be easy enough. But for now there are a lot of questions. I've uploaded images from the teardown to imgur here:

     Part 1 and  Part 2

    Are these motors accurate enough to be a 3d printer?

    Almost all the limit switches are optical on this thing, is that good or bad for a 3d printer? 

    I've heard that "inductive" limit switches are the new hotness, do I really need them?

    The motor controllers might be salvageable and usable, saving some cash is always good. Looks like there are 8 "inputs" shared among the boards, since the original product drove 4 motors could this be step and direction for each motor?

    What parts are left to acquire?

    Smoothieboard or the Duet Wifi?

    Which extruder? 

    How to build the Bed?

    How to do the z Axis, move the bed up to the extruder or move the extruder down to the bed?

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Daniel Kruger wrote 01/15/2019 at 07:15 point

If you want to use the two big 5 phase steppers and the 140 volt dc power supply, then you have to use the driver board.  The two big steppers are nicer than most printers use. I would do a moving Z bed. There are many printer designs that use a moving Z bed. For a controller, I would recommend that you start with a ramps. Cheaper to learn on and replace. Any limit switch is fine for X and Y. Inductive is good for Z with a metal bed.  Just see if you can get X and Y moving before you buy to much. Facebook Minnesota 3D Printers might be a place for you to check out.

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Dan Maloney wrote 01/14/2019 at 21:43 point

This looks like a lot of fun. Don't think I've ever seen anything repurposed into a 3D-printer before - mostly they seem to be scratch-built if anything. I'm keen to see where you take this.

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