• Extended CP/M that deals with cool devices !

    Franck GALLIAT05/10/2019 at 16:13 0 comments

    Hi, Today I assembled both upper & lower Layouts of my Homemade Laptop (YATL)

    Upper one uses a Teensy3.6 to drive CP/M Os, SDCard & SPI TFT Screen.

    Lower one uses a Teensy 3.2 to read Keyboard & Joystick (not yet wired), drive MP3Player (& maybe later an ESP01 for WiFi).

    I wrote a small TurboPascal3 Demo to show that even CP/M can interract with cool devices, display some pictures & play MP3s...

    Hope my video be made soon...

    Thx for reading
    #yatl #cpm #teensy #retrocomputing #arduino 

  • Advanced console support began

    Franck GALLIAT04/21/2019 at 16:45 0 comments


    I started the support for more efficient text scrolling + colored console (w/ escaped chars)

    Then added a 80 cols switchable mode (in addition than the 53 cols by default) .

    Have a look ...

  • Day-0 again ?

    Franck GALLIAT04/19/2019 at 11:09 0 comments

    Hi, now some news about my YATL project (tiny homemade laptop),
    after trying to fork bitlash script engine, then try to write a language interpreter by myself... I decided to start reusing an existing project : "RunCPM" a CP/M emulator ported to (BOOSTED) arduino like MCUs.

    Few advantages with that solution : I can run already-written apps, and some scripting languages/environments such as BASIC & Turbo Pascal (Ahhh !).

    Add to that experiment the capability of driving modern devices such as DFPlayer for MP3 playback, colored & graphical TFT screen, accessing the terminal by WiFi & telnet....
    That sounds promising !

    Hope it'll do something a day ...

    Thanks for reading,
    See soon.

    Teensy 3.6 booting CP/M !

    #yatl #arduino #teensy #retrocomputing #cpm

  • Compilation Day-3 (full String handle)

    Franck GALLIAT02/04/2019 at 11:57 0 comments

    Now : functions can handle Strings as arg. & return type. 

    Strings can be constants, vars or a bulk memory area called "scratchpad".

    Ex. Upper ( Split (dir (), 2) ) (simplified form) now works.

    ADDED st("a$", "Hello World") & print rd("a$") user_functs to write & read StringVars

  • Compilation Day-2

    Franck GALLIAT01/28/2019 at 20:41 0 comments

    Hi, XtsBitlash (extended & typed version of billroy's bitlash) now works as well as original bitlash.

    Soon may be able to manager String vars.

    Yeah !

  • 1st day compilation

    Franck GALLIAT01/25/2019 at 21:38 0 comments

    Hi, today my XtsBitlash (unofficial fork of billroy's bitlash) has succesfully compilled.

    But @ this time functions are not working.

    Hope it will soon.

  • GUI development began

    Franck GALLIAT01/18/2019 at 20:54 0 comments