Day-0 again ?

A project log for YetAnotherTeensyLaptop

Yes, that's just another tiny teensy laptop project ;-)

Franck GALLIATFranck GALLIAT 04/19/2019 at 11:090 Comments

Hi, now some news about my YATL project (tiny homemade laptop),
after trying to fork bitlash script engine, then try to write a language interpreter by myself... I decided to start reusing an existing project : "RunCPM" a CP/M emulator ported to (BOOSTED) arduino like MCUs.

Few advantages with that solution : I can run already-written apps, and some scripting languages/environments such as BASIC & Turbo Pascal (Ahhh !).

Add to that experiment the capability of driving modern devices such as DFPlayer for MP3 playback, colored & graphical TFT screen, accessing the terminal by WiFi & telnet....
That sounds promising !

Hope it'll do something a day ...

Thanks for reading,
See soon.

Teensy 3.6 booting CP/M !

#yatl #arduino #teensy #retrocomputing #cpm