Extended CP/M that deals with cool devices !

A project log for YetAnotherTeensyLaptop

Yes, that's just another tiny teensy laptop project ;-)

Franck GALLIATFranck GALLIAT 05/10/2019 at 16:130 Comments

Hi, Today I assembled both upper & lower Layouts of my Homemade Laptop (YATL)

Upper one uses a Teensy3.6 to drive CP/M Os, SDCard & SPI TFT Screen.

Lower one uses a Teensy 3.2 to read Keyboard & Joystick (not yet wired), drive MP3Player (& maybe later an ESP01 for WiFi).

I wrote a small TurboPascal3 Demo to show that even CP/M can interract with cool devices, display some pictures & play MP3s...

Hope my video be made soon...

Thx for reading
#yatl #cpm #teensy #retrocomputing #arduino