Thinking The Box Inside

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MorningStar's Not-So-Secret Laboratory

morningstarMorning.Star 01/15/2019 at 20:550 Comments

One thing you cant bargain on is the weather. Guaranteed to send builders scurrying into huts to drink tea and peer at their watches and the sky alternately.

Actually, it was just a bit spitty at one point, but it looked like it was going to chuck it down, so I erred on the side of prudence and went indoors.

I'm still quite tickled how this has all worked out. Technically, my garden shed is Origami. ;-) Doesnt get much more Zen or futuristic than that if you ask me. But Origami is an ancient passion also to me, and I'm used to wrangling largish bits of paper, some models can be made from entire broadsheet newspaper for example, which is a bit flappy.

Not as flappy as this, but I'm pleased to say this was actually easier than laying the card out flat and trying to tape it  so's all the edges lined up. Nothing kept still, and I couldnt reach to stick it down well either without walking on it.

Hmmm. Rodin moment.

Yeah I can solve all those problems with one simple and radical change that might not immediately suggest itself working with planar materials.

Standing the boxes up by zig-zagging them meant I didnt have to bend over them to tape them up. Dont know about you guys, but creeping around since the Dawn of Time on your tentacles gives you backache, and this planet sucks enough without gravity.


Get the tension right, and they pop back into place when you stand them up until you tape down the join.

It started to get a bit Spielberg in here again.

That was the first attempt, note the two flimsy bits of parcel tape one on each end keeping it up while I scratched my head over taping the rest without being crushed to death.

Health and Safety.

Please wear hard hat and safety footwear at all times. Goggles are recommended in areas with pointy arrows.

Human-breathable atmosphere has been provided across all dimensions. Flux breathers should carry Rosin and heating equipment at all times.

Extra-planar dimensions are clearly marked. Three dimensional beings should bear left to avoid unpleasant entanglements with dimensions not directly perceived.

This is where is got a bit damp, so I gave up the glue, secured the unsealed ends against the weather and retired indoors for lunch...

Thus restored, I had at it again until my shoulder gave out and started getting sore. Most of the trouble I have with it is bending forwards and stretching my arms down, that really pulls.

So while covering the last one I folded it into a square tube, secured the ends and worked on the top surface, rolling it over as I went, lapping the edges around the corners. It worked really well, and tomorrow afternoon will see the modules constructed and ready to assemble.