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morningstarMorning.Star 01/16/2019 at 23:540 Comments

Touche, Stuart.


Lorenzo's Foil

Curses, lousy weather.

But it doesnt stop me when I am on a mission.

This is so large-scale its like interior decorating. I am a bit fond of wallpapering anyway, and this worked out really nicely.

Just like Christmas all over again. On an epic scale...

It doesnt feel like Christmas, I had to make my prezzie myself and its an empty cardboard box. And I had to wrap the hacking thing myself.

I also didnt have a cooker to cook a turkey in, so I had a lot of tinfoil begging to wrap it in, no TV and no Internets over Christmas too, so up yours Igor.

I realised when I'd managed to stand this one up again the lapping is horizontal.

Dammit, thats not so easy... But still possible.

[Expletives Deleted]

Much, much later...

If I taped those all end-to-end and stood them up, it would be a 44 foot high tube large enough to stand in.

I might need an elevator...