The world of mobility is about to change drastically. Soon you will be able to carry everything you need with you at all times including a huge digital display. For a while now our mobile devices have been powerful enough to accomplish most tasks. The only exception has been screen real estate (We call it EyeSpace). The definition of mobile is going to change to include displays that are as big as some of the largest TVs. This will change The Future of Work, Collaboration, Entertainment and even Signage. Imagine being able to roll out a big screen that is adaptable to the area available. It can operate at multiple sizes based on the available space.  The reason we can do this is screen manufacturers (LG, Samsung, others) have finally caught up to our vision of a completely mobile world by building ultra-thin and light-weight screens. The real power of this thin and light-weight screen is Mobile. We mobilize their screens with our patented tubular design, allowing you to safely store and transport your screen when it's not in use and roll it out to a desired size when you are ready. Join us as we change how we work, how we play and how we live in a completely mobile world.