Finally, Disk manager is working!

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tobychuitobychui 09/19/2019 at 10:050 Comments

For many of the cheap NAS / Hard disk to Network disk adapter out there, they only provide functions for uploading, downloading and stream of the files in the disk. That makes me wonder, is it really so freaking difficult to create a cloud disk manager that will make remote disk formatting possible?  Well at least in my understanding, Synology DSM got this function built in but many other brand doesn't. That means this function is difficult to implement is it?

And the answer is

NOPE (And it only take me 2 weeks)

Yes my friend, the diskmg is here to the rescue.

This sub-system provide functions like format, mounting / un-mounting USB drives or external hard disk and also visualize all disk partition in an easy to read format. (And you can also remove your disk "safely" through the context menu)

And the system will warn you if you want to actually format your drive.

You might be wondering, if this system is going to support Windows and Linux as its host, what would it looks like on Windows host? Well, it looks basically identical other than some extra fields in the table.

That is it! Now ArOZ Online system support formatting your disk with its Web Desktop Interface. So, should I be supporting SMART disk check in the coming versions? :P