Idea Proposition / Development

A project log for Dynamic Interactivity

My project for college where I have to design an interactive scenario where users will gain hopefully an interesting experience from.

aldenAlden 01/18/2019 at 17:180 Comments

Initial thoughts and ideas about the project was to create a booth that tells a story about the sad life of stray animals using either visuals or audio, OR one that overlaps the other.

After critiques from the lecturers however, the ideas started branching out and the idea of placing hidden interactive parts of the projects around the exhibition to not only add a bit of a quest for users to find but also to give sense to the meaning to the story.

Adding audio such as a meow or whimper will surely add extra attention and invoke a sense of curiosity into users at the exhibition.

Not only that but adding mechanical parts to 2D cutouts of illustrations of the stray animals will add more level of interactivity.

Right now all that needs to be done is to solidify the idea and presentation.