Prototype Sketching / Designing

A project log for Dynamic Interactivity

My project for college where I have to design an interactive scenario where users will gain hopefully an interesting experience from.

aldenAlden 01/30/2019 at 14:050 Comments

After realizing that a whole weeks worth of time was wasted, I proceeded to create and test out to appropriate sizes for the boxes which will be holding my first ever prototype. I call it :

V 0.1 - The first ever prototype!

I have proceeded to create the art for it, which is Vector of course as I want it to look cartoonish, vectorish, cute and serious. *A very strange combo indeed*

Finally the materials so far will probably only consist of cardboard and probably compressed saw dust. (I forgot the name of the material)

The first box prototype will have a size of 40x30x40 cm, which is of course following the X Y Z axis for reference.

Fonts used are taken directly from Dafont, called KS Hand for the front of the box to attract potential users. Second font is called Dream Orphans, which is for the text "template" as I call it, which will be located inside the boxes.