Vintage Keypad USB Upgrade

A classic 80's number pad gets a modern USB retrofit, thanks to an Arduino Pro Micro

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I’ve always enjoyed taking older electronics apart to recreate them with modern technologies. This number pad was made for Apple computers in the late 80’s, it uses 2 ADB connectors which were used in primarily in Apple devices. The key switches are mechanical Alps keys, these feel very smooth and have a nice tactile snap. This is not OEM Apple hardware, but still has a very solid build. The only thing I wish it came with was a coiled ADB cable that many computer devices in the late-80s had.To adapt this keypad to work with modern computers I decided to bypass the onboard IC and solder directly to the key-switches.I reprogrammed the keys by creating a keypad matrix connected to my Arduino Leonardo. Each key uses two pins, one connected to the row pin, and one connected to the column pin By making 6 rows, and 4 columns (6x4=24 keys; needs 22 keys) I was able to create a matrix of all the buttons.

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