Dynamic Interactivity Week 5

A project log for Dynamic Interactivity Final ( MM 1701-1 )

A project conducted by students of The One Academy from Multimedia Design batch 1701-1 Y3S1 for our Dynamic Interactivity final project.

Adrian Anak AkonAdrian Anak Akon 02/23/2019 at 06:400 Comments

- After discussing with Ron and Lin Yew regarding my final project, we have come to a different approach on tackling my project.

- Ron and Lin Yew introduced me to the Maki Robot for my reference which is an open source asset.

- For week 5, I am going to redesign the Maki Robot with my own touch whilst changing the design of the inner components like the servo holder, to make it fit the servos that we are using at the FabLab.

- I will have to import all the STL files into tinkercad to get the proper measurement before making any modifications to my work.

- I also measured the size of the servo that I will be using, as well as deciding on how many do I need for my final project.