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A project log for Project 3+Pi

6DoF stepper motor driver module PiHat or standalone feature. Optional closed loop 6DoF sensing available too.

Tobius DaichiTobius Daichi 03/25/2019 at 06:570 Comments

Good Evening. 

So I was thinking about adding some sort Motion feedback from the motion created by the stepper motors allowing a closed feedback loop if the system is going to be used as a 3D space instrument.

Essentially it will be a plug in board which will be remounted onto a distribution board which will connect two sensors on each side whilst the distribution board contains a different yet similar approach to the other sensors. 

Hmm, knowing that this will bump the pricing overall up, it will be an optional setting which is why it will be a 'plug in'. 

Again with the close-no-budget that I have right now they will remain in software phase without any testing done in real-life. I am not sure if a go-fund-me or kickstarter would suffice because I don't know or like marketing exaggeration and my projects are very niche, let alone completely over saturated now times. 

Oh well, if anyone would be interested in conversing about this, please send me a message/comment and I will hopefully get back to you very soon.