Make your own glue to survive a zombie apocalypse!

The year is 20something-or-nother and a deranged geneticist has just released a zombie-causing virus, but you need glue!

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The year is 20something-or-nother, and a deranged geneticist splitting genes has just created a horrific zombie causing-virus and, as always, Murphy’s Law kicks in and the virus is sucked up through an exhaust vent into the streets, causing the general population to morph into brain-craving zombies. Meanwhile, deep in the wilderness, you’re working on a project for the next Hackaday competition and the unthinkable happens: you run out of glue. You can’t go to the store. It has probably been taken over by brain-craving zombies, so in desperation you think, “What would MacGyver do?” Luckily for millennia, Native Americans have used hot glue for applications such as attaching flint arrowheads to shafts and flint blades to wooden and antler handles. I’m sure in the Old World some wizardly alchemist probably wrote similar magical ingredients into a book of secrets. This is my attempt to make the same glue before the world as we know it ends

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