• More progress printing parts.

    Dean Segovis7 days ago 0 comments

    I've been busy designing and printing more parts this week. Also troubleshooting some 3D Printer problems. It seems my feed gear is wearing out. A good cleaning has helped and as I write this a 9 hour print is taking place in the Hack Shack.

    I've printed the two drums that will sequence the notes. They each took about 14 hours to print. 

    I've also been printing more of the note cams. I have nine of each but I'd like to have 16 of each so I'll be printing more. 

  • The prototyping begins

    Dean Segovis01/21/2019 at 03:54 0 comments


    Today I began this project by working up a prototype of the drum that will hold the sliding cams that trigger the micro switches. Designed in SketchUp and printed on a Hictop 3DP11 printer. 

    The final drum will be about 100 mm in length and 100 mm in diameter. The cams will be made in three different lengths to correspond to a quarter note, half note and whole note. The part that slides back and forth in the drum will be the same dimension, only the length of the cams will change .

    Pictured here is a  proto cam that represents a quarter note. This was printed with ABS in draft mode with a 20% fill, print speed 100, bed temperature 80C, extruder temperature 240C.