Twenty + hours logged this weekend...

A project log for Automata Music Sequencer

An automata music sequencer using cams, gears and pulleys to program the note sequence. Music generated by 555 square wave output.

Dean SegovisDean Segovis 02/18/2019 at 05:420 Comments

I've been at work on  the sequencer all weekend. Saturday morning I  received a new Creality CR-10S 3D printer from Amazon. 

I sent back the Monoprice Maker Pro Mk.1. Too many issues and I didn't like the touch screen interface.

After a few hours of setup I had the CR-10S up and running and inside an enclosure made of coroplast.

I designed a few more parts in Sketchup and used both of my printers to produce them. I also worked out the base plate that everything will mount on and got that "sketched up". As I write this at 12:36 AM both printers are cranking out the final parts. The CR-10S has a 10 hour print of the base plate going while the 3DP-11 is printing some mounting brackets and micro switch mounts. Everything should be done just in time for coffee tomorrow morning. 

Tomorrow evening is crunch time assembling everything and getting to work.