Project On Hold and Big Changes

A project log for The Super Sensor Breakout

Forgetting the cringeworthy name (I am open to suggestions), this is a breakout with what I think are the best 3 sensors (see details below)

Louis ParkersonLouis Parkerson 02/15/2019 at 17:590 Comments

Firstly and unfortunately, I have decided to put this project on hold t as I have decided the sensors are not an important part of my Pi Portable Recorder at the moment and will probably not be included in the final product. However, I am still on a mission of creating the best sensor breakout and for this reason, I have some big changes - instead of the BNO055, I plan on using the FXOS8700 and FXAS21002 which will still include a accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope and shouldn't have an issue with clock stretching as well as being more accurate. I plan on still using the BMP338 but am on the lookout for a cheaper replacement for the SHT35-D. I will post here when I start working on schematics for the new board.