First Breath

A project log for PAL/NTSC video Mangler

circuit to modify in real time old analog video signal.

JulienJulien 02/04/2019 at 13:170 Comments

The input/output of the circuit is working fine. The NX5DV330 is doing fine as well(but no longer manufactured).

two things to consider for the next round. 1/ use very sharp clippers to cut lead otherwise it may damage pcb traces (doh...) 2/ don't confuse TSOP20 package with SOIC20 package (doh...x2).

I'm still undecided on what signal to add with the video one. Currently I'm thinking about a noise source through a filter  and some random crap from a microcontroller with a bit of entropy (microphone) sent to the mixer to create luminance bursts.