A project log for PAL/NTSC video Mangler

circuit to modify in real time old analog video signal.

JulienJulien 03/11/2019 at 15:500 Comments

Knowing that everything work, I kinda become lazy on this project (also that I switched to a linux machine, what a change...) however the project took a step further. I originally planed to only use the video processor but it'd be a miss to not add at least an horizontal oscillator (strips). Considering the low maximum frequency (about 5Khz) I went for a LM13700 VCO (cf. datasheet) and some waveshaping to have proper amplitude and bias. Vertical oscillator (bars) is a bit more tedious as the frequency should at least go to 500khz (but mroe about 1Mhz)

(The decision for the additional circuits was hard, considering the modularity of the system everything could be done. From a simple video modificator to a  fully modular with patch cable. But I want to keep the thing simple and easy)

I also made my mind, no microcontroller on this project. Full analog for all the nerds out. A simulation of what it could look like . The boxing is always a pain for a one-off project.