A project log for PAL/NTSC video Mangler

circuit to modify in real time old analog video signal.

JulienJulien 10/03/2019 at 14:430 Comments

It's been a long time so here is the result of the video synth, it works quite nicely. On the left there's a version without the VCO and I must say it isn't as fun as the one with it. I'haven't tested the envelope filter.
The Luma switch does its job but is very unpredictable depending on the mode the synth is in.

However as it, it draws a fair amount of current and I wonder if I can replace the analog VCO (2 LM13700 and few opamp) with a 32bit processor as it was intended at first. I made few tests and it could be possible as the VCO doesn't need to go higher than about 4khz.

Now I guess it will either sleep in dust or end up at a shop for tattooed hipsters.