Hardware changes (again)

A project log for Small Bipedal Walker

Inspired by both Robotis Darwin Mini and Dr. Guero, I'm on a quest to build a dynamic gait bipedal walker that would walk like you an I.

stefane.lemaystefane.lemay 07/11/2020 at 00:280 Comments

I finally got sick of battling with the XL-320, OpenCM and  Pixl boards.  It was either not working under Linux or not working with more than 6 servos.

So, I looked up for something else and after a while, my choice stopped on the LewanSoul servos.  So far, they meet my expectations.  I have 1 leg done (minus the foot, which requires a redesign) and I'm waiting for the next batch of servos to come at my door.

Stay tuned, as I will show up where I'm at when the second leg (and hips) is done!