Map temperature to colour - part 1

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SzajaSzaja 02/03/2019 at 10:470 Comments

I'm trying to solve the problem of mapping temperatures to colour scale. Initially I came up with two ideas, but both where far from perfect:

In the first case the problem is that when there are small differences in temperatures colours of pixel are nearly the same. In the second case the problem is that temperature scale is changing in real time and user doesn't know what is the temperature of visible objects.

To solve this I came up with an idea to mix these two solutions: add even more LEDs (this is always a good solution to every problem) and a single button to create a user interface. Eight additional LEDs will allow to present current mapping of colours to temperatures, while button will allow to set which temperature will be presented as hottest (red).

Moreover, I ordered a matrix of LEDs which will be easier to interface with microcontroller than Unicorn HAT.