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A project log for A TV Wall to Hide the Cords

Building an elaborate (possibly stylish) way to hang a TV without visible cords

mike-szczysMike Szczys 01/25/2019 at 22:010 Comments

When mounting the plywood I cut a hole for the outlet, but I don't want it to actually show through the facade. When laying out the bottom few layers of boards I made sure that two of them lined up well for access and I didn't glue these in place.

These stay in place okay by themselves, I really just need to make sure they don't fall out if someone bumps the wall, or walks by with heavy feet. I had some rare-earth magnets hanging around and set out to make them work as follows:

Installation technique:

Drill and countersink the screws:

Place magnets on the screws:

Dab hot glue on magnets and press boards into place to find the location of magnets

Draw outline around magnet with a pencil. Remove the magnet, countersink, and hotglue into place:

This worked quite well, there is just one other touch to consider. These screws are wider than the plywood and so there is a sharp point on the back. That area is meant to be a cable chase so I can't leave it that way.

I took out all the screws, screwed them into a scrap piece of the same plywood, then cut them with a Dremel cutoff wheel. Once they were back in the wall, this part of the project is done!