• Microupdate: prototype success!

    Øystein2 days ago 0 comments

    I tested the lasercut prototype plates and it worked beautifully!

    This was the testrings to make shure the full range elements fit.

    Testring for the tweeter. Tight but it should work.

    Testplate to make shure the speaker elements fit in their pocket. It looks good!

  • Prototyping!

    Øystein2 days ago 0 comments

    I decided that I should make some lasercut templates to make shure that the frontplate measurements are correct. Using the project feature in fusion 360 I had some sketches that I lasercut out. Using the lasercutter is ideal for prototyping because it is so much faster to use than the cnc.

     The material is 3mm plywood and is more than enough to check that the dimensions are correct.

    It fits the aluminum case! I will bring my speaker elements to the makerspace tomorrow to check if they fit. Progress has been made!

  • animations!

    Øystein7 days ago 0 comments

    Micro update:

    The previous days has gone around to a lot of other stuff but i played around with some animations in fusion 360

    I will maybe get some time to buy screws for the backplate bracket today.

  • small adjustments

    Øystein02/13/2019 at 22:14 0 comments

    Today's update is some updates on cadwork. Have remodeled the front plate to be one plate instead of three. Easier to deal with. Also started making the brackets that is going to hold the backplate in place.

    Here you can see a detail shot of the brackets

    I tried messing around with with depth of field in the rendering, but it just turn into blurry renders. Must experiment a bit more with the center of focus setting and blur setting.

  • tiny adjustments

    Øystein02/11/2019 at 17:03 0 comments

    Today's update is a tiny one. After yesterdays test I made some adjustments to the CAD model. It consisted of correcting the measurements of the aluminium cabinet and modeling some features. There are two triangle(ish) shapes that are cut out on the dividers inside. I modeled them because I think that I will need to make a bracket that can house screwholes so that I can take the backplate of easily and maintain the speakers. the front is going to be epoxied in place.

  • speaker cabinet preparations and more

    Øystein02/10/2019 at 19:48 0 comments

    Thing are happening! I started today with preparing the speaker cabinet. Since the plan is to put new oak panels in and new speaker driver I need to remove the previous mounting solution.

    The back was removed and the speaker dampening material was kept for reuse.

    speaker elements out now it just removing the brackets.

    Since it was attached using epoxy it was quite a lot of work getting the brackets of the cabinet. Some prying and percussive adjustments did the trick.

    One cabinet prepped one to go. after i remove the bracket I had to use a chissel and a sander to get the epoxy off.

    Two done. I now used a sander to get a smooth surface.

    There are sanders, and there are sanders. I used a mirka deros series sander. Almost built-in dust collection, orbital movement. it´s just a joy to use.

    The speaker cabinets now have a smooth finish! Next it was prototyping the front panels. I have not done any two sided cnc jobs before so i made a quick plywood test. the test failed but I learned a valuable lesson. I cannot just use screws for alignment when switching sides. It was not near good enough. My next plan is to make a second sacrificial plate on top of the sacrificial plate that is already there. The sacrificial plate will have a pocket for the material I am going to cut in. This should mean the I will have precise way to fixture the material. Wish me luck!

  • CAD started!

    Øystein01/25/2019 at 22:02 0 comments

    The cad phase have started as you can see the first picture is of a render from fusion. wish me luck!