Rev 2 PCB

A project log for No-Eye Haptic Clock

Gone are the days of waking up in the night, forcing your eyes open to check the time, and then blinding yourself with your phone backlight!

Michael KafarowskiMichael Kafarowski 06/05/2019 at 19:430 Comments

I've created a preliminary version of the PCB for the second revision. I still need to replace a few footprints and double check all the connections before sending it out. It's amazing how much extra you can fit when you don't have a massive DIP-28 taking up half the board.

This is going to be a challenging board to build. I have never reflowed before, and I think that is going to be required for some of these tiny footprints. I've seen others place the PCB on a clothes iron to melt the solder paste, perhaps I'll give that a spin. I have a few weeks to figure it out.